Song and Smile 歌声与微笑

A nursery rhyme that conveys friendship and never goes out of style


Chinese Name: 歌声与微笑

English Name: Song and Smile, Ge Sheng Yu Wei Xiao

Composer: Wang Jian 王健

Lyricist: Gu Jianfen 谷建芬

Release Date: 1986

The notion of Song and Smile
The notion of Song and Smile

Song and Smile 歌声与微笑 is a lively, upbeat and catchy children’s song written by Gu Jianfen 谷建芬 and lyrics by Wang Jian 王健. This is a catchy children’s song that is loved by the majority of teenagers and children, and it is a good memory shared by generations.

Story Of Song and Smile

Gu Jianfen is a famous contemporary female composer. Her ancestral home is Weihai 威海 City, Shandong Province, and she was born in Osaka, Japan. Ever since Xiaogu Jianfen had a hazy feeling, she felt that the things that singing brought her were so beautiful, and sometimes she felt that the singing brought her an indescribable sadness, and music seemed to be indispensable in her life. After graduating in the 1950s, she has created nearly 1,000 works.

Wang Jian, born in Beijing, is a famous Chinese female lyricist. She began publishing short essays and short poems in 1947. In 1948, she graduated from the Music Department of Hebei Normal University in Tianjin 天津. In 1954, she was transferred to the Chinese Musicians Association, where she served as the editor of music magazines and periodicals for 30 years. Retired in 1984 and began to specialize in lyrics creation.

In 1986, the first Shanghai TV Festival invited lyricist Wang Jian to compose a theme lyrics. After some serious consideration, Wang Jian sent the lyrics of a song called Song and Smile from Beijing to Shanghai.

Wang Jian and Gu Jianfen
Wang Jian and Gu Jianfen

A few days later, Wang Jian visited the house of Gu Jianfen, an old friend of songwriters, and saw the lyrics of Song and Smile on Mr. Gu’s piano. Gu Jianfen said that the Shanghai TV station sent a lot of lyrics and asked her to choose a composition as the theme song for the TV festival. She finally picked Song and Smile. Wang Jian laughed and told Gu that the lyricist was himself.

In December 1986, at the opening ceremony of the first Shanghai TV Festival, Song and Smile sung by the Shanghai Little Star Children’s Choir made its debut as one of the performances and caused quite a stir. This happy little song expresses the children’s desire to spread love and friendship to every corner.

Gu Jianfen and the Children's Choir
Gu Jianfen and the Children’s Choir

In the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1989, the children’s chorus Song and Smile once again aroused the praise of the audience and the warm welcome of the children. And the song was loaded into the music textbooks for primary and secondary schools.

Gu Jianfen 谷建芬
Gu Jianfen 谷建芬

“I think people come from childhood, but people tend to forget the way they have traveled after they are young and their desires grow with age. When I hear the children singing those children’s songs again, I really feel Very moved.” Gu Jianfen said.

Lyricist Wang Jian was in her late sixties when she wrote Song and Smile, but she said: “When I was writing this work, my mind was as calm as a young man because a heavy psychological burden is a mental state that only adults have. Only when I calm down can I be happy.” Therefore, in the song Song and Smile, there is always happiness throughout.

The two parts of Song and Smile use the compound section structure to form a juxtaposed contrast, especially in the high-pitched area, the use of homophonic repetition for many times makes the song form a sense of momentum, has a calling, and expresses the youth Friends spread the enthusiasm of friendship all over the world.

In November 2007, “Chang’e-1” carried Song and Smile into the lunar orbit, and transmitted the children’s singing and smiles from the earth to the vast outer space of the universe.

Chang'e 1
Chang’e 1

Since the song was composed, Song and Smile have floated to the other side of the ocean many times and to all parts of the world, conveying the friendship of the Chinese people. People often use Song and Smile to express their emotions and spread happiness on every joyous occasion. This song also records the happy memories shared by generations.

Lyrics of Song and smile

Chinese Lyrics











English Translation

When you go back home take my song with you.

But you never take your smile away.

When you go back home take my song with you.

But you never take your smile away.

Tomorrow this song will be heard,

every corner of the world,every corner of the world.

Tomorrow this smile will be flowers,

blossom in the spring time,blossom in the spring time.

Song and smile 1989 GALA

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