Luoyang 洛阳


Chinese Name: 洛阳

English Name: Luoyang;Loyang

Other Name: Wuzhou 婺州

Abbreviation: 金 Jin

Zip Code: 32 10 00

Population: 7.12 million

Luoyang 洛阳
Luoyang 洛阳

Brief Introduction

Luoyang 洛阳 is a prefecture-level city of Henan Province and the sub-central city of the central Plains City Group. Luoyang is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, the eastern starting point of the Silk Road丝绸之路, and the center of the Grand Canal of the Sui and Tang Dynasties隋唐大运河. Thirteen dynasties had their capital in Luoyang in history

Luoyang city, with a total area of 15230 square kilometers, is located in the west of Henan Province. It straddles the north and south banks of the middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River. It borders Zhengzhou city in the east, Sanmenxia city in the west, Jiaozuo city in the north across the Yellow River, and Pingdingshan city and Nanyang city in the south. Luoyang city has China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival中国洛阳牡丹文化节, Heluo Culture tourism Festival, and other festival activities. Luoyang has been honored as China’s excellent Tourist City, National Garden City, National Health City, national Civilized City, and so on.

By March 2021, Luoyang municipality has jurisdiction over 7 counties and 7 districts; The total population of Luoyang city is 7.1702 million, and the permanent population is 6.922 million. The GDP of Luoyang City reaches 512.84 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Luoyang

Luoyang 洛阳 is an important tourist destination in China, Luoyang city around the city brand image of “millennium imperial capital, Peony Flower city, the starting point of Silk Road, Landscape Luoyang”, integrated tourism products, as of 2011, Luoyang has two world geopark: Daimeishan World Geoparks黛眉山世界地质公园, Funiushan World Geoparks, there are 5 5A level scenic spots, 15 4A level scenic spots, 16 3A level scenic spots.

Some special scenic spots in Luoyang

  • Longmen grottoes 龙门石窟
  • Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot in Luoyang 洛阳白云山风景区
  • Comb hole 鸡冠洞
  • Laojun mountain 老君山
  • Longtan Grand Canyon 龙潭大峡谷
  • Guanyin 关林
  • White horse temple 白马寺
  • Heavy cross ditch 重渡沟
  • Longyuwan National Forest Park 龙峪湾国家森林公园
  • Baoduzhai Scenic Spot in Luanchuan 栾川抱犊寨景区
  • The adopted son ditch 养子沟
  • Fu Niu Mountain Ski resort 伏牛山滑雪场
  • Tianchi Mountain National Forest Park 天池山国家森林公园
  • Mudzaling primitive ecological tourism area 木札岭原始生态旅游区
  • Shen Zhai National Forest Park 神灵寨国家森林公园
  • Yellow River Xiaolangdi Scenic Spot 黄河小浪底风景区

Famous Universities in Luoyang

By the end of 2020, there are 7 ordinary colleges and universities, 81 ordinary senior high schools, 323 ordinary junior high schools, 764 primary schools, and 36 ordinary specialized secondary schools in Luoyang city.

PLA Information Engineering University 中国人民解放军信息工程大学
PLA Information Engineering University 中国人民解放军信息工程大学

List of universities and colleges in Luoyang

  • PLA Information Engineering University 中国人民解放军信息工程大学
  • Henan University of Science and Technology 河南科技大学
  • Luoyang Branch of CAAC Flight Academy 中国民航飞行学院洛阳分院
  • Civil Aviation Administration of China 中国民用航空局
  • Luoyang Normal University 洛阳师范学院
  • Luoyang Campus of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 河南中医药大学洛阳校区
  • Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology 洛阳理工学院
  • Henan Police College 河南警察学院
  • Luoyang Vocational technical College 洛阳职业技术学院
  • Luoyang Cultural Tourism Vocational College 洛阳文化旅游职业学院
  • Henan Forestry Vocational College 河南林业职业学院

Diet of Luoyang

A notable feature of the Luoyang diet is the abundance of soup, and various kinds of soup have become the most common flavor snacks in the streets of Luoyang. In Luoyang’s catering, the most distinctive is the Luoyang water mat. From the dish collocation to the order of serving, there are special and strict rules, people in the feast, but also a feast for the eyes.

Some specialty snacks in Luoyang

  • Grilled tiger head carp with scallion 葱扒虎头鲤
  • Yunyun bean curd meat 云罩腐乳肉
  • Haimi is colorful 海米升百彩
  • Shark’s fin flower arranging 鱼翅插花
  • Golden monkey out sea 金猴探海
  • Squid for spring 开鱿争春
  • Bibo umbrella pill 碧波伞丸
  • Luoyang mutton soup 洛阳羊肉汤
  • Luoyang Bufan soup 洛阳不翻汤
  • Hu hot soup 胡辣汤
  • Peony yan food 牡丹燕菜

Transportation in Luoyang

Aviation: Luoyang North Suburban Airport洛阳北郊机场, 10 kilometers away from Luoyang city center, is a 4D international branch airport, is an important air traffic hub in Henan Province, is a national first-class airport, an important civil airport in western Henan province.
Intercity railway 城际铁路: Luoyang has 4 intercity railways, namely Zhengluo intercity railway, Luoyang – Xinzheng Airport intercity railway, Jiaoluo intercity railway, and Luoping intercity railway.

Walk-in Luoyang

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